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I've committed to covering 100km in 20 days - that's the equivalent of 200 laps of the Gabba




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Why am I taking part in HHH?

Monday 3rd May
I wasn't lucky enough to participate in Life Education's programs as a kid. But I was fortunate enough not to be on the end of the pain and hurt caused as a result of bullying.

As dad to 3 young kids, I'm pleased they'll get the chance to learn from Harold about the perils of bullying and the damage it can cause. 

So taking part in Healthy Harold Hundred is a no brainer for me.

The least I can do to play my part in stamping out bullying is to run a couple hundred laps of the GABBA.

That's 100km in 20 days.

It costs $500 to help a class of children learn about the damage bullying can do to others. I have 3 kids, so my target is to raise (at least) $1,500.

If you could help me get that little bit closer, I'd be really grateful. 

Thanks heaps.
Jono (and Harold)

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Great work team FED.


Jonathon Grapsas


Kate Plokstys

Keep going, chicken legs! Wooo!! Onya JJ


Neil Wakelin

Keep on walking


Josie Ohara

Good training for the full marathon you will do one day!


Emma Morrissey

I'll believe it when I see it!


Paige Johnson

Looking forward to you actually doing this challenge, JG!


Sara Mansfield

Run, Princess, run!


Margaux Smith

Are you sure it's safe to run this much after 50?


Holly Browne

Maybe your runs be flat, just like the earth. Break a leg!