The Cause

Let's put an end to bullying

1 in 4 Australian school children experience bullying every few weeks

1 in 5 Australian school children have experienced cyberbullying

Children who are bullied are three times more likely to show depressive symptoms

There is a link between bullying others at school and aggressive behaviour as adults

The Healthy Harold Hundred helps to tackle the problem of bullying and violence before it happens.

All funds raised will support the vital work of Life Education Queensland in travelling to schools in all corners of the state to teach respect, empathy, resilience and healthy relationships. These skills help to prevent bullying as kids are growing up, and help to break the cycle of future violence.

Our Programs

Educate students about building respectful relationships

Teach students about the importance of respecting their peers, family and friends

Give age-appropriate education about being safe online

Give parents resources to prevent bullying and support their children through adversity

Lane's Story

Growing up in country Australia, Lane attended boarding school for her senior school years.

A little afraid of change and hoping to fit in, Lane tried to build friendships and make a home away from home. But soon after settling in, she became the target of relentless bullying.

“I was bullied from the beginning of Year 8... in a really, really horrible way.”

As bullying escalates, so too does the impact on young people’s wellbeing, short and long term.

Lane still recalls the agony of feeling isolated and afraid of her peers. She felt she had no way of processing her feelings and nowhere to turn for support.

“I couldn’t cry because they’d win. I couldn’t tell anyone because that would make it worse.”

Sadly, Lane’s experience of bullying isn’t uncommon.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 Australian children are bullied every few weeks, and over 30% of Life Education parents say their child has been bullied.

Now an experienced educator with Life Education, Lane reflects on the difference that intervention and education could have made for her growing up.

“When I look back, I wonder what would have happened had someone seen me and seen what I was going through and got me the help that I needed... I think the choices I would have made as a young adult would have been vastly different.”

Every day, educators like Lane visit schools across Queensland, teaching kids how to build respectful relationships, in the playground and online.

The lessons learnt in resilience, healthy relationships and cyberbullying all help to break the cycle and long term impacts of bullying and violence.

But the statistics show there is still more to be done. All funds raised by the Healthy Harold Hundred will allow experienced educators like Lane to attend more schools and help more kids.

Together we can step up to stop bullying for our kids

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