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This June, I am lacing up my joggers to take on the Healthy Harold Hundred. I’ve committed to covering at least 100km in 30 days...that's 3.3ks a day!

Bullying and violence is a growing issue for kids – in the playground and online. 1 in 4 Australian children are bullied every few weeks, and 1 in 5 kids experience cyberbullying. Schoolyard bullies are 4 times more likely to abuse their partners later in life. 

Please sponsor me today to support my hundred and help Life Education (and of course Healthy Harold!) deliver more respectful relationships programs to kids across Queensland.

Every dollar donated and every kilometre covered will get us one step closer to breaking the cycle of bullying and violence.

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Sunday 1st May
I was bullied throughout majority of my childhood and I wish I listened to people when they said not to care; would’ve saved a lot of tears. But this also taught me to have thick skin and if a bullet was shot at me it would bounce right off. I’m stronger than ever and all I can say to my bullies is thank you for leading me to where I am now; my cup over flowing and wanting to help any person being bullied in any kind of way. 

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Jade Rapp

So proud of you!! You’ll smash this, especially with your long legs 😂💛


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