Fabulous fundraising five top the teams in the Healthy Harold Hundred

17 Jun 2022

They’ve called themselves the Five 4s – five energetic Year 4 students from the Ipswich region who’ve taken on this year’s Healthy Harold Hundred challenge with gusto.

The students decided to join the challenge to help boost awareness about bullying and violence in the wider community and help raise funds for Life Ed Queensland’s respectful relationships programs in schools across Queensland.

So far, the motivated young fundraisers have tallied $3,220 – an incredible effort.

“Joining the Healthy Harold Hundred means we can help make a difference,” says Bailey, one of the students in the team.

“An anti-bullying prevention campaign can help to change so many lives. As a group of Year 4 students, we wanted to raise money to increase awareness and help teach others that bullying is not okay.”

Positive young role models

All keen sports participants and part of a runners’ club – Bailey, Leo, Avery, Eli and Fin – have been wearing Five 4s team t-shirts which urge others to support the Healthy Harold Hundred and get moving in June to stop bullying.

The students attend West Moreton Anglican College, which has a strong anti-bullying strategy and a reputation for providing an inclusive and nurturing learning environment. The youngsters say that although their school culture is positive, they understand the negative effects that cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying can have on young people in today’s world.

When asked for their advice on how to handle bullying, team members, Eli and Bailey shared a simple message:

“Bullying makes someone sad. It’s not fair. It’s a bad cycle and we can’t allow it. As tough it as it is, we believe it’s important that when bullying occurs, you need to be courageous and tell an adult and let bullies know that it’s not good behaviour,” the boys explain.

Lunchtime runs to complete challenge

The Year 4 students have been completing lunchtime laps of the oval to reach their 100k Healthy Harold Hundred target, and according to Bailey’s mum, Renee Fagan, the HHH team has been building a following.

“They have quite a little gathering happening at lunchtime,” Renee says.

“There’ll be kids and teachers sitting on the sidelines cheering them on and keeping them motivated to keep going.

“As parents, we think it’s terrific that our children are doing something so positive to help support Life Ed Queensland’s program, but also demonstrating the power of positive relationships with their peers and staying fit and active too.”

They certainly are an inspiration!

If you’d like to support the Five 4s and help them raise funds for Life Ed’s respectful relationships programs, head to their team page on the Healthy Harold Hundred website.