Edge Early Learning CEO sets the pace in the Healthy Harold Hundred

10 Jun 2022

As CEO of Edge Early Learning, Annie Bryce knows the preschool years are a vital stage in children’s development - a time when youngsters begin to learn how to build friendships and positive relationship skills.

Her belief in a holistic learning foundation which teaches children social, physical and developmental skills, inspired Annie to sign on for this year’s Healthy Harold Hundred challenge, which is not only raising awareness about bullying, but also much-needed funds for Life Ed Queensland’s respectful relationships education in schools.

“I think the challenge provides an immensely important opportunity to teach young children and elaborate on respectful relationships; and it’s an opportunity to support Life Ed to deliver more programs in more schools,” Annie said.

“And for me, the mental and personal challenge of making the time to get out and get walking has been really beneficial.

“I had back surgery in February, and I haven’t been able to do anything for quite a while, so when I happened across the Facebook promotion for the event, I knew that was my chance to try to raise some funds and get myself moving again.”

Personal fitness challenge

With 46 Edge Early Learning centres in Southeast Queensland and South Australia to oversee, Annie is busy in her role as chief executive officer but is committed to scheduling time for walks to ensure she completes her 100 kilometres.

Supported by colleagues, peers, friends and family, Annie has raised an incredible $2,779, taking her to the top of the HHH Leader Board and close to her ambitious fundraising goal of $3000.

Annie’s seven-year-old son Sam is also an avid supporter of her walking efforts.

“Since the Healthy Harold Hundred challenge started, I’m taking a lunch break and walking, so it’s really good for my mental health and productivity.”

“Bullying is pervasive in our community. We can do something to help in the early years and those formative years. Those behaviours learned at preschool and school will go on to set people up in life, in a more positive manner.

“Education is so important for children to start understanding the impact of the things they do and say.”

As a leader in the early learning education sector, a parent and community role model, Annie is making great strides in this year’s Healthy Harold Hundred. If you can help Annie reach her $3000 target to support Life Ed Queensland’s work with children, head to her fundraising page: https://www.healthyharoldhundred.org.au/fundraisers/anniebryce/hhh

“I’m very happy to be involved and I am very grateful for the support I have received from people donating to my fundraising efforts.”